USB Webkeys are a great way and low cost of getting people to remember your promotion, it saves the trouble of remembering a lengthy URL. Plug the Webkey into a USB port and your pre-programmed URL automatically launches -- just like magic!

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  USB webkey use in Medical, Healcare and Pharmaceutical industry:
USB webkey is an excellent tool to utilize for pharmaceutical marketing and the medical industry in general which has embraced usage of USB webkey as a dynamic marketing tool to promote the introduction of new products and services. Paper USB webkey, audio usb webkey, magnetic usb webkey, credit card usb webkey and customized USB webkey are the best choice. USB webkey allows pharmaceutical companies to create educational solutions that blend physical print-based media with USB webkey technology.
Pharmaceutical USB webkey  Medical minislide credit card usb webkey Pharmaceutical customized USB webkey

  USB webkey use in School, Education and Collegiate:
USB products have become an essential item for millions of students around the world. They are a great school promotional items. Create a persuasive recruiting tool for your school or university by rooting the students to the web which include marketing materials like brochures, campus and community info, photos, videos, and student publications. With USB webkey online analysis system, you can check the students status of reading your meaterials. USB webkey is small enough to mail easily and inexpensively.
School paper clip USB webkey  Brochure usb webkey Miniflip card USB webkey

  USB webkey use in food, restaurant and beverage:
USB webkey is the perfect item to promote your restaurant, chef, menu, or beverages. Launch a new brand on a branded USB webkey. Your opening party will be a huge success when guests receive the gift of a branded USB webkey that conveys the uniqueness of your brand.
Magnetic card USB webkey  Paper magnetic usb webkey  Paper USB mailer

  USB webkey use in financial & legal:
You can root your client to the personal bank through branded usb webkey, also USB stick is another choice for autorun and save the data. Having a branded USB webkey or USB drive will reflect your firm's level of professionalism.
Credit card autorun USB drive  Paper usb webkey

  USB webkey use in more industries...
> Travel and Tourism.
> Electronics and Technology.
> Advertising, PR and Social Media.
> Architecture and Real Estate.
> Music, Film and TV.
> Government, Non-Profits and Public Service.
> Consumer Products and Services.
> Fashion and Glamour.
> Sports and Athletics.
> Promotional Industry.
> Transportation and Logistics.
> Environmental, Energy and Green Technology.

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